In 1846 Johann Georg Adler founded a company manufacturing fine cardboard boxes in Annaberg, Saxony.

The initial production was limited to pattern cards for the ornamental trimmings industry. During the years of crisis at about 1850 the local trimmings industry suffered from heavy losses. Thereupon the strenuous entrepreneur decided to manufacture fantasy cardboard boxes which were previously exclusively produced in Paris. The energetic entrepreneur refused to wait for a revival of the local industry. There were many disbelievers but he was very successful. At peak times he was able to employ 800 workers.

Gerhild Sacher - founder of the Sacher company - was led by the same entrepreneurial spirit when she decided to privatize branches of the nationalized Georg Adler company and to preserve the case manufacturing tradition. The Sacher & Co. company successfully balances tradition and modern spirit and is now known as a modern global company that preserves tradition. The initial number of employees was reduplicated. The Sacher & Co. company owns a beautiful traditional company building.




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